Red Rooftops

A series of red rooftops, a dwelling place’s top most height.

Chapeau ou Toit, 2019

“The roof gives mankind shelter from the rain and sun he fears…in every country, the slope of the roofs is one of the surest indications of climate. We “understand” the slant of the roof. Even a dreamer dreams rationally; for him, a pointed roof averts rain clouds. Up near the roof all of our thoughts are clear.”

- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Sheltering Dreams, 2019

Working his way from roof to corner, Bachelard, author of “Poetics of Space,” examines the value and representation of dwellings. “For our house is our corner of the world. It is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word. If we look at it intimately, the humblest dwelling has beauty.”

Interior vs Exterior, 2018-19

“Human beings and objects are indeed bound together in a collusion in which objects take on a certain density, an emotional value - what might be called a ‘presence.’ What gives the houses of our childhood such depth and resonance in memory is clearly this complex structure of interiority, and the objects within it serve for us as boundary markers of the symbolic configuration known as home.”

-Jean Baudrillard, The System of Objects

House of Our Childhood, 2015

Baudrillard & Bachelard, both French philosophers, have published similar sentiments about the relationship of dreams and dwellings. Bachelard proclaims dwellings can metamorphosize into the shape and size of dreams. Said in his own words, “the space we love is unwilling to remain permanently enclosed. It deploys and appears to move elsewhere without difficulty; into other times, and on different planes of dream and memory.”

Windows into different times, 2019

He continues to say, “The house, as I see it, is a sort of airy structure that moves about on the breath of time. It really is open to the wind of another time. It seems as though it could greet us every day of our lives in order to give us confidence in life. “

The Successive Homes in Which We’ve Lived, 2019

Like a nod in agreement, Baudrillard, author of “The System of Objects,” confers, adding emphasis on the symbolism of the objects we select to inhabit our homes. He uses our belongings to link dwellings to dreaming. “The environment of private objects and their possession is a dimension of our life which, though imaginary, is absolutely essential. Just as essential as dreams.”